Employers and Clients

Employers & Clients

Looking for Staff?

We utilize our extensive database, networking partners, in recruitment and placement to work for you and your organization. We stay in contact with our applicants and are able to identify a number of appropriate candidates within hours of you listing your openings with us or contacting us.

We carefully screen and match your requirements and needs. We conduct reference checks, upon your request. We also conduct a candidate background check and verify a candidates licensure status, upon your request. We place the same amount of energy and seriousness on your listings no matter what level the position is. We ask that you help us by providing us with as many details as possible on what your needs and requirements are and let us tailor the search.

We work on an employer paid fee basis only and will provide you, our potential Client, with a Service Charge Agreement for your review and approval.

We will take the time to learn about your company and what you are looking for in employees who will meet your needs and fit well in your organization.


We are dedicated to providing you with a service.
This means knowing your health service and knowing your unique requirements. The team members at HMR have many years experience in respective health disciplines in previous working lives.
Our selection and screening standards.
We only accept candidates with exemplary qualifications, experience and work records and we will only present them to you once they have passed stringent pre-employment screening. All registrations are carefully checked and a minimum of two references thoroughly investigated. Disclosure applications are made for all candidates and checked post employment regularly.
The caliber and range of our candidates.
Through a combination of our extensive advertising campaigns and high level of candidate loyalty, HMR is well placed to find the right candidate to suit your precise needs. We can be sure that candidates we put forward are people we genuinely consider to be right for your needs. We will not waste your time. We strive to do such a good job researching and sourcing the right candidate for you that we will usually only send one or two CV’s for your consideration.
We serve your interests by serving our membership.
You only get the best from people who concentrate maximum attention and energy on their work. The practical and personal support that we give to our candidates ensures that they are as worry free as possible during their time with you.

Contact Us and let us know your staffing needs