Express Entry 2015

Express Entry system

Canada needs high levels of immigration to meet current and future labour market needs

In January 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will launch a new electronic system called Express Entry to manage applications for permanent residence in certain economic programs. Canada needs high levels of immigration to meet current and future labour market needs, which will ensure our economic growth and long-term prosperity.

Express Entry will allow us to actively recruit, assess and select skilled immigrants under the following federal economic immigration programs:

  • the Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and
  • the Canadian Experience Class.

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Under the new Express Entry System, an immigration system being implemented in the new year, prospective applicants will be invited to apply for permanent residence based on a number of skills, including work experience, language ability and education. Candidates will  be ranked against others in a pool, but only “the highest-ranking” candidates will be invited to apply. Provinces and territories will also be able to recruit candidates from the Express Entry system for a portion of the Provincial Nominee Programs to meet local labour market needs. Under this new system, employers will also have a key role in selecting economic immigrants. Employers will access candidates through Canada’s new and improved Job Bank and through provinces and territories where applicable.

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How does it work?

Express Entry Step 1
Potential candidates will complete an online Express Entry profile where they will provide information about their skills, work experience, language ability, education, and other details. Those who meet the criteria of one of the federal economic immigration programs subject to Express Entry will be placed in a pool of candidates. Only the highest-ranked candidates (those deemed to have the best chances for economic success), and those with qualifying offers of arranged employment or provincial/territorial nominations, will be invited to apply for permanent residence.
Express Entry Step 2
Citizenship and Immigration Canada will invite certain candidates to apply for permanent residence and process their electronic applications within six months. Candidates will receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence if they rank among the top in the pool, based on their skills and experience.
Step 2 Continued...
Candidates will have 60 days to submit an electronic application for permanent residence through one of the following programs: Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP); Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP); Canadian Experience Class (CEC); or, A portion of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

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Core Features:

Who Can Apply?
Under the new Express Entry program, anyone will be able to apply. Instead of needing to have experience in an occupation on a strict list of eligible occupations as with many other immigration programs, Express Entry will have no occupation list and applicants can present their impressive credentials regardless of what industry or profession they are in.

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50 eligible occupations
Canada needs workers from more than 50 occupations, and many people in occupations not on the list would benefit Canada’s economy and workforce. The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) eligible occupation stream is Canada’s most popular immigration program for foreign workers without a job offer. The applicants must have work experience in one of 50 eligible occupations within the last 10 years.

Available Jobs

There is no CAP
Express Entry will not include the application caps featured in many other Canadian immigration programs. Without a cap on the number of applications being accepted for processing, applicants can apply to Express Entry at any time without fear that the program will close or fill up before their application is completed.

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